Rencontres du design graphique 2014 Marseille graphic design encounters


Exposition d’affiches & Conférences
de classe internationale
Portes Ouvertes de designers

Rencontrez des designers venus du Canada, d’ex-Yougoslavie, de Pologne, des USA et quelques-uns de la scène du design graphique à Marseille. Réunis autour de l’exposition “NewYork-Sarajevo-Marseille : l’engagement dans l’affiche”, venez les écouter en conférences et visiter leur espace de création.

World Class Poster Design
Exhibition & Lectures
Designers Open House

Take a chance to travel for educational or professional purpose and tourism to the beautiful region of Provence. Meet some of the internationally renowned graphic designers of the exhibition “NewYork-Sarajevo-Marseille: Involvement in Poster Design” and meet “za” design scene of a European Capital of Culture.

A selection of our participants’ statements

“I would love to be part of this program for the chance to travel and I have always showed an interest in design from logos to illustrations. I like making poppy material with vibrant colors and I would love to to see what designs you had in mind for this poster.” David

“It would be a pleasure to learn alongside the guest designers that will be attending. I enjoy graphic design as a medium to communicate with people. I do conceptual designing in which I take particular interests when people first do not get the big picture until they actually look at the details entailing the story behind the design.” Greg

“For me graphic design is a universal language of communicative curiosity. Design has been a certain way of thinking for me, or shall I say an effective way for me to organize my art practice in a more sensible and intentional method. I have been open to the NYC arts scene and design community, but feel it is crucial in any designers career to travel and experience a new perspective on their field.” Manoil

“As a student of the design, I love all the categories of design, although my major is the design of architecture and landscape. Learning more always make good influence, going to France is very attractive to me!” Qinjian

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