Rencontres du design graphique 2014 Marseille graphic design encounters


Exposition d’affiches & Conférences
de classe internationale
Portes Ouvertes de designers

Rencontrez des designers venus du Canada, d’ex-Yougoslavie, de Pologne, des USA et quelques-uns de la scène du design graphique à Marseille. Réunis autour de l’exposition “NewYork-Sarajevo-Marseille : l’engagement dans l’affiche”, venez les écouter en conférences et visiter leur espace de création.

World Class Poster Design
Exhibition & Lectures
Designers Open House

Take a chance to travel for educational or professional purpose and tourism to the beautiful region of Provence. Meet some of the internationally renowned graphic designers of the exhibition “NewYork-Sarajevo-Marseille: Involvement in Poster Design” and meet “za” design scene of a European Capital of Culture.


Design, speak and exhibit at the Villa méditerranée

Along with the old harbor of Marseille “Le Vieux Port” and Claude Nicolas Ledoux’s fortress, facing the sea and the If Castle, close to ships departing to mediterranean countries, is where one of the best European destination is situated. An area with two brand new pieces of contemporary architecture: the prestigious and worldwide acclaimed Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations and Villa Méditerranée.
Between sky and sea, join a small group of privileged participant at the Villa Méditerranée, by taking part of a 4 day intensive and exciting poster workshop. Our guest designers will help you to improve your practice of poster design. At the end of the workshop you will have the opportunity to proudly present your work in the big auditorium, to show your resulting poster at the international poster exhibition alongside with over 120 prominent graphic designers from all over the world.

Milton Glaser, one of the most prominent graphic designer in the world, present in both poster collections of our international exhibition, will give a live greeting for the workshop via video conference from New York!


The workshop is closed.

Who can attend?

We welcome participants from any countries all over the world who have a passion for graphic design with a good knowledge of it, as well as students of graphic design and professionals.

How many places?

There are a maximum of 25 places available in the workshop. The participants will get the chance to work with each one of our guest designers in order to appreciate a feedback from all of them.


The workshop will be held in English. Our team will be able to help you also in French, Chinese, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


Each participant is required to bring tools and materials they are familiar with, as well a laptop with sofware installed and a digital camera.

Schedule 2014

Monday July 14th: check-in of all participants, discussion on leading topic. French National Day fireworks at night.
Tuesday July 15th: workshop opening, lectures.
Wednesday July 16th: workshop, lectures.
Thursday July 17th: workshop, lectures.
Friday July 18th: workshop closing, preparing presentations, exhibition opening.

Organization & Assistance

This event is organized by the association Moneydesign and endorsed by the French Designers Alliance, the largest designers trade union in France. You will be assisted by Svetlana Furman, a nine languages speaking public relation for designers worldwide. This team is experienced in such events.

Design a poster with ethics

“Ethics” opens to any good cause social, political, health care or environmental focus. Each participant will be free to choose a specific focus according to the news in the world on the given day. Participants will select the one according to their personal opinion, asking themselves who can benefit from their talent? This workshop is attempt to bring a sense of humanity to design, making visual communication more meaningful and rewarding ­ to the others.

In visual communication, effective transmission of a content is vital. You will explore the communication of ideas through poster design, using traditional and alternative image making techniques. You will be guided by our guest designers through a creative journey from an intangible idea to a complete design.

Speak about it

Everybody who wishes to learn how to present their poster, will get that chance. They will also get the opportunity to train how to speak in the auditorium of the Villa Méditerranée.

Exhibit your poster

Each participant will show his or her poster resulting from the workshop to the public, taking part in the international poster exhibition at the Villa Méditerranée.


We guarantee you an unforgettable experience. You will give life to an innovative and unique creation that fully express the qualities of the topic. You will enrich your own artistic expression, develop skills that will help you to visualize and to solve this specific design problem. You will train to present your work in a business oriented manner in order to make your client become your partner. You will exhibit your creation in a public space alongside over 120 prominent international designers. A certificate of workshop & exhibition will be provided.

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