Rencontres du design graphique 2014 Marseille graphic design encounters


Exposition d’affiches & Conférences
de classe internationale
Portes Ouvertes de designers

Rencontrez des designers venus du Canada, d’ex-Yougoslavie, de Pologne, des USA et quelques-uns de la scène du design graphique à Marseille. Réunis autour de l’exposition “NewYork-Sarajevo-Marseille : l’engagement dans l’affiche”, venez les écouter en conférences et visiter leur espace de création.

World Class Poster Design
Exhibition & Lectures
Designers Open House

Take a chance to travel for educational or professional purpose and tourism to the beautiful region of Provence. Meet some of the internationally renowned graphic designers of the exhibition “NewYork-Sarajevo-Marseille: Involvement in Poster Design” and meet “za” design scene of a European Capital of Culture.


Welcome to Provence, to the land of Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso’s light, where so may contemporary artists live.

Along with the old harbor of Marseille “Le Vieux Port” and Claude Nicolas Ledoux’s fortress, facing the sea and the If Castle, close to ships departing to mediterranean countries, is where one of the best European destination is situated. An area with two brand new pieces of contemporary architecture: the prestigious and worldwide acclaimed Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations and Villa Méditerranée.


To organize your stay

The city benefits a full range of accommodations from youth hotels to palaces. Please, browse the Tourism Office of Marseille website. We suggest you to stay for longer time to enjoy the plethora of sights to see in Provence, the world class museums, art, music and photography festivals and more activities, as the ones in Aix-en-Provence and Arles.

La Résidence du Vieux-Port, Hotel****

Rooms decorated with iconic design furniture, our partner hotel offers one of the most beautiful view of Marseille.

Marseille-Provence Airport

This international airport connects the world. Shuttle brings you downtown every 15 min. every day in 25 minutes.

Marseille St-Charles Station

Fast TGV trains bring you from Paris in 3 hours and from many other cities in France and in Europe at a 300 km/h speed.


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